QUYNH TRAN (Nha Trang University)


Inspiring students' interest of language learning is the teacher’s key task. How to convert from the language leaning into the language use is much more crucial. In teaching speaking, encouraging students to make group oral presentation is an important task which is established in the initial stages. It is essential to create as many opportunities as possible to practice the language because learning a language is learning how to use a language completely, not only having knowledge of the language. The more practice students do, the more active they are. One of the most effective ways to increase the quality of teaching speaking is encouraging students to make group oral presentations. The use of group oral presentation has gained some positive effects from students. This method also helps to change the learning styles among language learners: promoting learners' autonomy and enhancing cooperation among group members.

Vo Nguyen Hong Lam is an instructor of English at Nha Trang University (NTU), Vietnam. She received her MA in Applied Linguistics in 2009, possessed her PhD degree in English language teaching in 2018. She is now the Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty of Nha Trang University, Vietnam.

Mrs. Quynh Tran is currently an instructor of English at Nha Trang University, Vietnam. She received her MA in TESOL. Her interest is doing research in the field of ELT. She would like to present at an international conference and to learn more experience in language teaching form other colleagues.