What do language teachers think, know, and believe about what they do? Do teachers have, and are they ready to impart to students, the cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills necessary to communicate inter-culturally? Are they prepared to teach aspects of these skills? The roles of the metacognitive skills involved in reflective language Teacher Cognition (TC) as well as the necessary, and often neglected, set of skills required for demonstrated Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) in language teaching will be discussed. The issues of self-efficacy and intentionality in teaching praxis will also be addressed. After identifying and clarifying the theoretical frameworks of TC and ICC, their application in East and Southeast Asian contexts will be explored. The implications for further research and practical application of these theoretical paradigms in these contexts will be addressed, as well as the particular benefits they may bring to language education in the region.

Ian Baecht (MA Applied Linguistics, SDSU) has taught ESL/EFL in the US and Asia for over a decade. A former English Language Fellow in China (2017-2019), he has presented at conferences in the US, Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Mongolia. He is currently an English Lecturer at Wenzhou-Kean University.