List of Speakers

The list below shows only presenters who have paid the registration fees. Those who are not on the list, please pay the registration fees by 15 November 2023 (for early-bird rate) to secure your presentation slot at ThaiTESOL 2024 International Conference.

Notice: Do you know that you can book The Empress Hotel Chiang Mai. (Please click here for more infomation)

Title Firstname Lastname Title Presentation Co-Presenter Type of Presentation Presentation Date and Time Room
Mr. ABHISHEK RAJAMANICKAM Reliability and Validity of Assessment Approaches in Content-Based Instruction
  • Mr.Jayson Derilo
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Ali Zahabi Assessing Foreign Language Enjoyment in Onsite and Online classes - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. ALI AKBAR ZEINALI A Comparison of L1 and L2 Writing Skills in Thai University-Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Alison Hasegawa Questioning Techniques and Activities to Increase Cognitive and Emotional Engagement During an Interactive Picturebook Read-Aloud. - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Ms. Alison Hasegawa Social-Emotional Learning Through a Picturebook Read-Aloud Project with Young Learners - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Amanda Yoshida How Colleagues Can Assist with Reflective Practices by Being Critical Friends - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Anchalee Seangthong Task-Based Language Learning to Enhance Non-English Pre-Service Teachers’ English-Speaking Skills - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. andrew blaker Development of an ESP Corpus-Based Word List - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Andrew Nowlan Increasing student exposure to international education through COIL - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Andrew Philpott Teachers’ Perceptions of using the AI chatbot ‘Replika’ for Foreign Language Learning
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Anggara Kusumawati Redesigning Face-to-face into Online Learning for Speaking Competence during COVID-19: ESP for Higher Education in Indonesia - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Anh Le TikTok and Intercultural Competence in EFL settings: Exploring Teaching Strategies and Cultural Perceptions
  • MissTam Dang
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Anqi Hu The effect of imagined contact on Japanese students' communication competence and foreign language anxiety - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Anthony Torbert Using Generative AI (ChatGPT) to Support Student Research into SDGs - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Anthony Young Exploring Machine Translation: output quality, learner reflection, teacher detection - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Aungsana Pamaranon Exploring Post-Pandemic English Language Requirements: A Study of Thai Baristas' Perceptions and Adaptations
  • Dr.Saber Alavi
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Austin Packk Using Generative AI (ChatGPT) to Generate Written Feedback
  • Asst. Prof.Juan Escalante
  • Mrs.Makenna Wilson
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Dr. Banchakarn Sameephet An English Course Design for Social Media Content Creators: Genre-based Approach
  • MissNoppamon Wongkidti
  • Mr.Surakan Kornwetratchakul
  • Mr.Thanapat Poljanngarm
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Barry Bai Promoting motivation and self-regulation in English writing: Research evidence and practices - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Bethan Kushida Effectively inducting new EFL teachers: Evaluating an orientation program and mentoring system
  • MissJennie Roloff Rothman
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Bich Phan Enhancing Teaching Science to Young Learners: Analyzing Lesson Plans with Multiple Intelligences - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Bill Snyder Leadership Trust in Part-Time University English Teachers in Japan Post-Pandemic
  • Dr.Wendy Gough
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Bjorn Fuisting Job Satisfaction Levels of EFL Instructors in Japanese Higher Education - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Brandon Kramer The Vocabulary of Extensive Reading: A Corpus Analysis of Graded Readers - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Brent Green So what about “so” in rehearsed monologic discourse: A million-word TED Talks corpus analysis
  • Mr.Hyrum Pastores
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Bulan Armalia An Indonesian English Teacher’s Perspective and Practices of Using Accented English in English Language Learning Materials - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Bunhour Khy Innovative EdTech Tools for Supporting Learners and Teachers in Contemporary Classrooms - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Professor C-S Chang Effects of times of repetition, text features, and readers’ sight and aural vocabulary knowledge on EFL learners’ oral reading rates - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Carla Bailey Teachers! Get Your Students Speaking English Inside & Outside the Classroom - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Caroline Val Madin Resist or Embrace? ChatGPT in the Malaysian Teacher Trainees’ Perspectives
  • MissShubashini Suppiah
  • MissChristye Majuddin
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Chalermphong Tham-ngarn Motivation and Attitude toward Learning English among Novice Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Chan Narith Keuk An Interactive Approach to Teaching Reading to EFL Learners: Classroom Research of K-W-L-S Strategy
  • Mr.Mab Tith
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Chandara HONG Effective Spelling Strategies for English Language Development - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Chihiro MORIOKA Students’ Learning through Virtual Exchange in Japanese High School: Language Use, Intercultural Understanding and Motivation - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
  • Mrs.Kim Anh Le
  • Mrs.Nga Do Thi Phi
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Chuenjit Athiworakun Investigating Washback Effects of an Exit Examination on Learning
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Dumrong Adunyarittigun
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss CHUNG ANH NGUYEN The Impact of Incorporating Sustainable Development Themes in ER on IELTS Writing: An Action Research - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Dan Peng A survey on the intercultural communicative competence of Chinese secondary students and teachers - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Dara Heng Using AI to assist English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Mr.Sopheak Ngo
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Professor David Rear Teaching Conference Presentations to Graduate Engineering Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Deborah Kramlich Get Them Talking: Using Translanguaging and Authentic Communication to Simultaneously Teach Thai and English
  • Mrs.Sion Gerres
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Dechathorn Pojchanaphong Innovative Language Patterns to Improve English Communication of Medical Service Providers in New Normal Contexts - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Delfin Cejudo The Lived Experiences of Non-Thai Teachers in Code-Switching at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss DO TRAM Teacher and Manager Perspectives: The Use of L1 to Teach Young Learners in EFL classroom. - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Donald Patterson Understanding Learned Helplessness and Mastery Orientation in EFL Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Dongho Kang A Study of Meaning-Focused and Form-Focused Tasks on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition among Low and Intermediate-Level Students in Korean University Settings - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Dusadee Rangseechatchawan Implementing English language-in-education policy at CMRU: Considerations and Challenges
  • Dr.Worasuda Wattanawong
  • MissSiriphan Suwannalai
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Edmar Dweezel Quinsay Experiential Learning in Foreign Language Education for Young Learners - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Elliot Homan Using the Power of Artificial Intelligence in English Assessment at EnglishScore - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Elliot Patton Utilization of interrater reliability-based sampling to reduce double marking: A program audit - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Eucharia Donnery Growth Mindset: Students Embracing Failure - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faisal Al-Maamari Final-year English-major undergraduate students journeying through writing the data-based research paper: A case study from Oman's Sultan Qaboos University - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Ferg Hann Student and Teacher Perceptions of the Online Learning Experience - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Flavia Rocha Feijo A Program to Increase Acceptance
  • ProfessorSandra Tanahashi
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. floyd graham Reevaluating Curriculum Choices in a Japanese English for Academic Purposes (EAP) University Program
  • Ms.Catherine Oki
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Gina Karlin Teacher Empowerment: A Case Study of a Sustainable Professional Development Plan in ELT - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Graham Mackenzie Teaching on a CLIL program: language teachers’ choices on content and professional development. - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Greg Gagnon Teacher Attitudes Towards Sustained Silent Reading in the Reading Classroom - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Harit Pinaebango Thai EFL University Students' Perception towards World Englishes: Voices from Thailand's Deep South
  • Mr.Nathapol Malinee
  • Mr.Waritnun Phayayam
  • MissNi-altasneem Waeyusoh
  • Mr.Wankholit Yeeming
  • MissNissareen Panjor
  • Mr.Tithiphum Kanya
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Heather Yoder Creating classroom community through mindfulness warmup activities - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Dr. Hideo Ozaki Attempts to develop both cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in the English language education  - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Hiroyuki Obari “AI-Enhanced English Learning: Integrating Text-to-Speech & Writing Practices” - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hsiao-Wen Hsu An Empirical Investigation of Low-proficient EFL Students’ Acceptance of ASR-based Computer-assisted Pronunciation Training - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Huong Le Thu Sustainable Strategies for Promoting Intercultural Awareness in English Language Materials
  • Mr.Dung Doan
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. James Bates Teaching English Pronunciation: A Simple Approach - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Jiayu Zhou Move Feedback Forward: Action Research on Providing Effective Student-Centred Feedback ​ - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Jie Li A Study of the Application of the Action-oriented Teaching Mode in English Teaching - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Jiyoung Ko Nice Encounter with Social Emotional Learning and English Education - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. JON WATKINS Simulating political campaigns in the EFL classroom to advance understanding of Global Sustainability Issues
  • Dr.Andrew Philpott
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Jonathan Culbert Turning your text book into a corpus: how and why. - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Josephine Mirador “In your own words” : Why paraphrasing disadvantages L2 learners of writing - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Josh Brunotte Vicarious contact for reducing intercultural communication apprehension and English-speaking anxiety: Short-term and long-term effects
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Anqi Hu
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Juan Escalante Insights into the Effectiveness of AI-Generated Writing Feedback and English Language Learner Student Preferences
  • Dr.Austin Packk
  • Mrs.Makenna Wilson
  • Mr.Alex Barrett
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Jutharat Jitpranee Development of Storytelling Training Model for Secondary Students’ Learning in School Using Picture Series
  • Asst. Prof.Prommin Songsirisak
  • Dr.Kannikar Kantamas
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Kahoko Matsumoto Assessing Japanese Students’ Readiness for Global Citizenship - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Kamonchanok Sanmuang Exploring ChatGPT prompts used by Thai EFL elderly students to promote community products and their attitudes towards ChatGPT: a case study of Sakon Nakhon Elderly School, Thailand
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Atipat Boonmoh
  • Dr.Taweewat Inree
  • Mrs.Phattriyakon Kha-Angku
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Kamonchanok Sanmuang Challenges of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teachers in technology integration following the implementation of a revised English teacher education curriculum in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Atipat Boonmoh
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Kanchanokchon Woodeson A Study of Students’ Difficulties in Learning Vocabulary; Exploring Student Needs in Enhancing English Vocabulary Learning - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Kanpanat Jaipanya Needs Analysis of EAP Pathway Course for EMI Program at a Northeastern Thailand Middle School
  • MissKanyanat Apaijit
  • Mr.Supachok Banterngjai
  • Mr.Arnon Jannok
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Karanpat Siangsanoh Applying a genre-based approach to teach personal statement writing for Thai upper secondary students
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Kwanjira Chatpunnarangsee
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Karl Wilkinson Post-Evaluating CLIL-Based Discussion Courses: Enhancing Lesson Delivery and Classroom Experience at a Japanese University - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katsuyuki Konno Reconsidering the L2 motivational self-system with a focus on own and other self guides
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Tsutomu Koga
  • ProfessorRintaro Sato
  • ProfessorKoji Maeda
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Kevin Thomas Assessing CLIL: Approaches to CLIL assessment and student perspectives - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Khanh Pham Vietnamese International Students’ Acculturation Process: Through the Lens of Graduates - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Kitiya Khamprem The Integration of Soft Skills in Language Learning Classrooms: The Perspective of Thai ELT Teachers at a University of Technology
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Atipat Boonmoh
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Kittichai Nilubol Needs Analysis of Integrated English Skills Course for Novice Monk Students in Thailand
  • MissKunthida Paiyasen
  • MissWaratchaya Rachpoochai
  • MissWaraporn Srikhonsai
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Kittima Churasri Needs Analysis of English for Tourism and Hospitality Industry Courses for Thai Vocational College Students
  • MissAthitaya Chamnankit
  • Mr.Bhirawit Satthamnuwong
  • Mr.Rachata Oktalard
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Kritpipat Kaewkamnerd Exploring CEFR-CLIL-Based Learner Autonomy: A Survey Analysis of Technology's Influence on Thai EFL Learners' Receptive Skills - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Kuan-Wei Lin Teachers’ Attitudes towards Using of Translanguaging in EFL Classrooms - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kwanjira Chatpunnarangsee “We don’t Want to Learn English Speaking from a Thai instructor!”: Coping With Students With Bias Against Thai-English Accent
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Varisa Osatananda
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lu-Chun Lin Developing EMI Teachers' Instructional Language via Auto-Generated Captions: Noticing Intelligibility, Comprehensibility, and Teaching Efficacy - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Luo Ling From Visual to Verbal: Multimodal Language Teaching for Art Major Undergraduates in Chinese Tertiary Education - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Luqian Huang Impacts of Gendered Streaming on Learner Motivation and Engagement at a Transnational University - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Manami Sato The Power of Debate: Enhancing Critical Skills in the Global Arena - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Martin Baildon Time-saving Techniques for Providing Formative Feedback through Audio Files for Writing Assignments - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Marylin Cheath Practical Implementation of Speaking Activities in ELT Classrooms
  • MissMeyly Seang
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Professor Matthew Coomber The effect of goal structure on learner motivation in a project-based language class - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Matthew Ryczek Integrating CLIL principles with a Task-Based Learning approach - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Matthew Wilson Teaching discourse markers with discussion activities in order to improve IELTS scores - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Maulana Rizki Multiple case study on how Pesantren English teachers in Indonesia foster critical thinking in the classroom context - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Max Praver The Knowledge and Practices of Japanese University English Majors Towards Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Michael Cheng ChatGPT as a Feedback Tool in the EFL Composition Classroom - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Michael KELLAND The Evolving Needs and Wants of Study Abroad Students: A factor Analysis
  • Mr.Dan Lumley
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Michael Morris Becoming a Global Citizen through Project-based Learning - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Michelle Jerrems Google Classroom: Community and Collaboration - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Michelle Lees LGBTQIA+ diversity and inclusion in the language classroom
  • Ms.Andria Lorentzen
  • Mr.Sammy Woldeab
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Nadya Loemongga Narratives of Indonesian Pre-Service English Teachers’ Agency in International Teaching Practicum - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Naoki FURUHI Vocabulary in the abstract section of information science research papers - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Napaon Aree Exploring Reading Comprehension Problems and most frequent strategies used of RMUTL Tak students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss NATSUKO Suezawa Examining Female Representation in High School English Textbooks in the Japanese EFL context. - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Nattawaj Kijratanakoson Lexico-Grammatical Analysis of Media Representation of Men in Rape Coverage - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Nattharath Leenakitti Building of Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) Learner Corpus of First-year University Writing
  • Asst. Prof.Boonyakorn Siengsanoh
  • Mr.Parkorn Wongsiri
  • Mr.Jiroj Phornniphet
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Nattharmma Namfah Investigating Functional Illiteracy in English Among Thai EFL Tertiary Students
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of Distance Teaching: A Case Study at an Open University in Vietnam - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Nguyen Vo Criteria for Designing an SDGs Integrated English Course for Engineering Students in Vietnam - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Nhi Dinh A student-centred approach: Applying pragmatic pedagogy in ELT to harness learners’ motivation in learning English. - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Nicole Pareene Digital Tools for Speaking Assessment - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Oana Cusen COIL as an innovative approach to language learning in the digital era - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Panachanok Chanwaiwit Perceptions of the CMRU-TEP: English Majors versus Non-English Majors’ Voices
  • MissLalida Wiboonwachara
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Pattara Kiatisevi Correct Thai Accent : A Stepping Stone to Improve English Pronunciation for Thai native speakers. - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Paul Edelblut Assessing and Improving Written English in the AI Era - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Paul Garside Measuring Interactional Competence in the EFL Classroom - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Paul Goldberg Collaborative Online International Learning + Extensive Reading: A combination for success
  • Dr.Rob Waring
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Peter Ferguson Exploring Japanese Elementary School Teachers’ EFL Self-Efficacy Beliefs - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Philip Allardice “Collaboratively Addressing the Continuing Professional Development Needs of International TESOL Lecturers at a Transnational Higher Education Institute in China” - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Piyapan Kantisa The Quality Analysis of CMRU-Test of English Proficiency
  • MissWorrawarun Thipakaew
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Preeyapha Wangmanee Literature-Content, Language, and Soft-skills Integrated Learning Model (L-CLSsIL): Innovative Ceramic Craft “The Cat in the Hat” - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Rachanee Dersingh Developing mentors for ELT action research in Thailand
  • Assoc. Prof.Sonthida keyuravong
  • Dr.Napak Chotswasd
  • Mr.Khoi Vuong
  • MissPattanavimol Israngkura
Colloquium (45 minutes) - -
Ms. Ran Wang Understanding the Dynamics of Materials Adaptation in Bilingual Storytelling Curriculum: Enhancing Learning Material Design - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Richard Pinner Sustaining Classroom Dynamics: a Glocal approach to Authenticity and motivational synergy - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Richmond Stroupe Integrating Global Citizenship Education, Critical Thinking Skills and Depth of Knowledge in an EAP Course
  • Assoc. Prof.Izumi Kanzaka
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Rie Sugiura The SDGs and Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Government-Authorized English Textbooks in Japan
  • Dr.Noriko Imai
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Risala Ahmed Effectiveness of Implementing Blended Learning System For The Development of Reading Skills of The Tertiary Level Students of Bangladesh
  • Mrs.Tasneem Khan
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Rob Waring How to run a digital extensive reading program
  • Mr.Paul Goldberg
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Robert Andrews Organizing Group Presentations via ERT during the Pandemic: Insights from an Innovative Job Fair Project - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robert McKenzie Thai university students attitudes towards Global English speech: Implications for internationalisation and pedagogy in Thai universities - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Roger Palmer Making EAP Instruction Relevant to Learner Needs - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Rokeeyoh Salaengae Empowering English Language Learners through Service Learning - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Ross Rangott Comparing Student Selected Vocabulary from the NGSL and COCA - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Roxana Sandu Patterns of engagement in intercultural communication through a virtual exchange - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. RUNGKAN LEELASOPAWUT The Impact of Role Play on Thai EFL Learners’ Interactional Competence: A Case Study of Vocational Students in Pre-Engineering College - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Salila Hidayati Analysis of Speech Acts in Inaugural Speeches by Leaders of English-Speaking Countries in Last Decade - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Sam Doran Assessing Student Engagement & the Effectiveness of H5P Interactive Materials for Flipped Learning
  • Ms.Charlotte Briggs
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Samertip Karnchanachari Needs Analysis of English Communication Requirements in Metropolitan Police: Implications for Training and Skill Development
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Punchalee Wasanasomsithi
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Santipap Upara Connecting Out-of-class English Resources with ELT: Exploring the Opportunities and Affordances for Language Teaching
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Ruedeerath Chusanachoti
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Ms. Sasikarn Howchatturat The implementation of CLIL in teaching Business English to Thai undergraduate students majoring in Marketing - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Sean Toland Reviving a repeaters’ communicative English language course: Voices from the frontlines
  • Dr.Ve-Yin Tee
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Shawn Higgins Contract Grading in Credit-Bearing English Language Learning Undergraduate Courses - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Dr. Shinichiro Ishikawa Integration of Output and Assessment Data in Learner Corpus Research: The ICNALE GRA Project - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Shizhou Yang Exploring the Synergy of Freewriting and Translanguaging within the Classroom Writing Ecology: An Autoethnographic Study - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Shuangxin Zhang Factors Influencing PSE Students’ Willingness to Communicate in a Foreign Language Class in XJTLU China - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Simon Wilkins Student Self and Peer Assessment using Interactive Videos - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Sirikarn Thongmak An Analysis of Interactional Metadiscourse in opinion section of Newspaper Written by Thai and Native English Journalists - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Steven Asquith Designing a CLIL Current News Course - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Steven Charles Students’ Perceptions of Peer Review and Self-assessment in EFL Writing - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Steven Pegelow An Introduction to Teaching English with American Sign Language - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Subhrajit Chowdhury Effectiveness of CLIL in Citizenship Programs in Japanese high schools - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Supachai Saeeaw Generic Structures of Research Article Introductions in Thai and International Environmental Science Journals - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Supanan Narewan Development of Active Learning Model Based-on Thorndike's Connectionism Theory to Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Suparuthai Itngam State of English as a Subject in Higher Education in Thailand: Pain Points and Unravelling Strategies
  • Dr.Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin
  • Asst. Prof. Dr.Sakulrat Worathumrong
  • Dr.Suparak Techacharoenrungrueang
  • MissPiyaporn Pornsuriya
  • Misssawitree saengmanee
Colloquium (45 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Supornphan Konchiab Practice Makes Perfect: Lessons Learned from the Oral Presentation of Successful Thai EFL Undergraduates
  • Dr.Panithi Amatayakul
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Susan Crosbie Third Culture Kids – Growing Up in a Globalized World - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Dr. Sutraphorn Tantiniranat Peer Tutor Training and Needs Analysis in an EFL Setting: Insights from Thailand - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. T McIlroy Literary competences in a tertiary setting: Reflecting on a CLIL and CEFR-based literature course - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Takako Inada Title: The effectiveness of the student-centered language learning system using AI - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Tanya Kelly Learner Autonomy: Tools for Reflective Practice in the Classroom
  • MissPhoebe Lyon
  • MissAmanda Yoshida
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mrs. Tarannum Tasnia A Comparative Analysis between Recorded Audio Feedback and Written Feedback in a Multi- draft Essay Writing Task: A Mixed Method Approach
  • Mrs.Risala Ahmed
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Tasneem Khan Promoting Learner Autonomy by using Artificial Intelligence in tertiary level EFL/ESL classrooms in Bangladesh: Benefits and Challenges
  • Mrs.Tasnia Tarannum
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Teerawat Arjpru Empowering EFL Undergraduate Students’ Writing Competencies by Using Essay Writing Task Procedures - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mrs. Thanh Trinh Teachers' Beliefs of Critical Thinking Pedagogy in Language Education - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Thiha Thein Improving Writing Skills and Students’ Perception of Developing Independent Learning Skills with AI-Generated Feedback - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Thiha Thein “I was sad but I am gay”: Examining an English-medium Newspaper Narratives on LGBT Issues
  • Mr.Fachri Pangestu
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Thinh Mai Phuc Addressing Common Challenges in Academic Writing Instruction for Undergraduate English Studies Majors in Can Tho City, Vietnam - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Thomas Pals Jumpstarting Confidence: Collaboration between Medical Physics and English Education - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
  • MissKhanh Le
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss TIAN WEI KOET Translanguaging: Challenges faced by teachers and pupils in Malaysian ESL primary classrooms - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Tiina Matikainen Using infographics to design academic writing tasks - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Tiraporn Jaroensak Using integrated Jigsaw teaching and dialogic teaching approach to raise students’ awareness of Global Englishes  - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Trang Ngo Incorporating Vietnamese Culture into Teaching English as a Global Language to Enhance Students' Writing skills
  • MissHuong Nguyen Dieu
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Tuyet Tran Promoting English Language Equity and Access for young learners through Translanguaging Approach
  • MissEnglish Department
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Tyler Stinchcomb Translanguaging practices to promote identity, communication, and learning in international schools. - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Mr. Tyrone Fowler Generative AI in EAP and EMI: Exploring Ethical Complexities and Learner Use Cases - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Uyen Tran Creative Catalysts: Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Everyday Teaching Activities
Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Uyen Tran Vibrant Vocabulary: Transforming Learning Through Student-Led Teaching and Interactive Activities - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vance Schaefer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are key to enhancing a linguistic repertoire and communicative competence
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Tamara Warhol
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Victor Reeser Aligning Feedback with Learner Preferences: A Study on Korean EFL Learners - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Virginia Parker Teaching English to Teenagers: Using Scientific Research to Inform Classroom Practice - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Miss Vy Mai A qualitative research: the perception of late teen students towards teacher caring in EFL classroom.
  • Mr.Dang Nguyen
  • Mr.Tien Vo
Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Weerachai Phanseub Investigating Crosslinguistic Transfer and Writing Acquisition Strategies Among Thai EFL Learners - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Weerapa Pongpanich The Effects of Using Case Studies to Develop Hotel Management Students’ Critical Thinking Skill at a Private University - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Mr. Worapon Toopmongkol Assessment the Impact of CEFR-Based Language Instruction: A Case study of Learner Language Proficiency - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Yan Deng Using Padlet to Facilitate Students’ Engagement: A Reflection of EAP Foundation Classroom at XJTLU - Workshop (45 minutes) - -
Dr. Yen Vuong Common errors in pronunciation by the first- year English -Majored students at Faculty of Foreign Languages at Hanoi Metropolitan University, Vietnam - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Asst. Prof. Dr. Yoko Asari EFL Learners’ Use of Formulaic Sequences in Written Discourse: A Comparison Between Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Level Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Miss Yue Li Development of a Curriculum to Promote Intercultural Communicative Competence for Chinese College Students - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Professor Yuka Ishikawa A Comparative Study on the Use of First-Person Pronouns in Japanese and American Dissertation Abstracts - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -
Dr. Yusa Koizumi Dictogloss for Less Proficient Students: Effectiveness of an Introductory Program - Paper Presentation (30 minutes) - -