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DAY 3: Saturday, 1 February 2020

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Parallel Session

ThaiTESOL Scholarship Forum

Thailand TESOL Association

Infogrammar: Building a responsive data grammar visualisation.

Andrew Prosser

STELLAR programme and teaching experience: Investigating its impact on the teaching of writing.

Jenna Gan

Microadventures: Student-Empowered Language Learning

Jenny Flaumenhaft

The Issues and Realities of University Students Studying Abroad in Japan: Motivation and Challenges

Namie Mayekawa

Hiroshi Nakagawa

Washback of the English O-NET on Thai EFL Teachers’ Perceptions and Choices in Their Teaching Focus.

Pariwat Imsa-ard

English Village Program as a Teacher Training Opportunity

Hiroki Uchida

Seita Sugii

2020 Time to Move Away from Norm-Referenced Assessment?

Woravut Jaroongkhongdach

Extending the Literature Classroom: Creating Space for Student Discovery

Eric Sandberg

A critical friendship in reflective practice: an action research study


Assessing socializing skills in EFL learners using an open role-play task

Patharaorn Patharakorn

Karuna Naphon

Using writing assessments to facilitate rhetorical situations and identities in the writing of EFL college students

Nattawut Nakkaew

Deep Active Learning in Communicative English Classrooms using Data-driven Language Learning

Pichinart Kumpawan

Chikako Nishigaki

Parallel Session

“when teaching fails… try learning” The King’s Journey learn ENGLISH interactive board

Adoon Darathum

Introducing Peer Editing to Chinese University Students

Kathryn Welch Hu

Effectiveness of using Facebook group on improving writing skill for Advanced Programme Students at TUAF.

Huyen Nguyen

Student Perceptions of Online Readers as a Component of an Extensive Reading Program

Christopher Wyle

The Royal Thai Navy Language Center (RTNLC) English Language Mobile App Design: Lessons Learnt

Jitpicha Jarayapun

Mingkamol Imvidhaya

Implementing ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals in Training Tourism Professionals in Thailand

Suchada Nimmannit

Supattra Tuchinda

Ubon Sanpatchayapong

Positive Behavioral Management in the Middle School Classroom

Amanda Ray

The Effect of Dynamic Assessment on Promoting Iranian EFL learners’ Intensive Reading Comprehension: An Interventionist Procedure

Ali Bastanfar

Teaching ESL Literature to develop Moral Values

Aparna Chakraborty

Effect of Language Games in the English Performance of Grade 10th Ethnic Minority Students at Vung Cao Viet Bac School

Nga Ly

Loan Tran


Learning-Teaching English-Language Writing Strategies for Thai University Undergraduates

Walaipun Puengpipattrakul

I have a question: Interactional, transactional and display questions for English language learners.

John Campbell-Larsen

Learning motivation: A case study of an ESP classroom for a local community’s working group in Thailand

Manachai INKAEW

Parallel Session

ELT Teacher Professional Development: Changes & Opportunities in Cambodia

Visal Sou Guest


Increasing Learner-Instructor Interaction through Blended Learning

Aviva Ueno

Taking charge of student feedback

Sarah Mason

Kaori Sakakibara

The Effects of Online Gamification on University Students’ Performance and Motivation to Prepare for Class

Aree Na Nan

Jindarat De Vleeschauwer

Front Office English Training for ASEAN Standards for Tourism Professionals

Natakorn Satienchayakorn

Supachai Saeeaw

Supachanin Sathianpan

Weerapa Pongpanich

The impact of Education Teachers in training, practicing English-teaching as part of their schooling process

Luz Licea Claverie

Correlations of modalities of vocabulary knowledge to L2 Reading Proficiency: A bootstrapping approach

Stuart McLean

Development of a diachronic analysis of institutional multilingual advertising in a Tokyo train station

Ted ONeill

Teach Less, Do More: Applications of Technology to English Linguistics Classroom Activities

Suparak Techachareonrungrueang

Global Englishes Language Teaching: Some Practical Activities

Denchai Prabjandee

Public Speaking Phobia Reduction through Virtual Reality-Based Training and Exposure to Simulated Audiences

Josh Brunotte

LINE (Mobile Messenger Application) Stickers as Nonverbal Communication Used by Thai and Japanese University Students

Tanaporn Siratanapanta

Plenary Session
Plenary 4: Prof Joseph Bianco
Room: Convention A B C
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Room: Coffee Break Area
Parallel Session

Thailand TESOL’s 40 Years of Professional Development: Reflections into the Future

Thailand TESOL Association

Somtawil Dhanasobhon

Sunanta Sutadarat

Suchada Nimmannit

Ubon Sanpatchayapong

Paneeta Nitayaphorn

Supong Tangkiengsirisin

Chaleosri Pibulchol

Nopporn Sarobol

Integrating Cultural Knowledge in an English Project: Findings from a recent Project for Young Teenagers

Thuy Linh Can

Testing and Education 4.0 - Using Artificial Intelligence and NLP Technology to Modernize Assessments in the Digital Realm

Sean Kilachand

Exploring students’ perceptions of integrating Speexx online language training and Facebook into English conversation course

Kamonnat Tamrackitkun

Benjawan Rungruangsuparat

Designing Professional Development Events for English Language Teachers

Chandara Sam

Survey on EFL Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English through Mobile Devices at a University in Vietnam

Vo Linh

Students’ perceived engagement in peer review in a transnational context: an action research

mian hu

David Collett

How much should Japanese elementary learners read in a semester to increase their reading rate?

Kazuma Fujii

Establishing Validity of CMU-eGrad Test through Alignment with CEFR: Case of Listening and Reading Examinations

Bordin Chinda


Guided Visualization for Developing Transcultural Awareness in the EFL Classroom

Aaron Campbell

The Correlation between Intercultural Effectiveness, Second Language Proficiency, and Perceived Second Language Self-Efficacy

Aaron Sponseller


Vietnamese lecturers’ oral English communication in non-English major classes: Practices and Perspectives

Lien Tran

Written Supervisory Feedback to Bachelor’s Thesis: Focus, Strategy and their Interactions

Zhibin Lei

Issra Pramoolsook


Making lessons memorable

Tri Nguyen

Harmony in the Classroom: Musical Techniques to Integrate into ELT Classes

Liam Byrnes

English Pronunciation issues in Thai Native Speakers

Karen Cheung-Hing

Strategies for Using Communicative Language Activities with Large Classes

Katie Wood

Developing Strategies to Enhance Willingness to Communicate

James Kimball

The trend towards computer-based high-stakes English language tests and best practices to prepare learners

Gordon Vanstone

Transcultural Education: Bridging the Gap with 21st Century Teaching

Dhruv Patel

Writing original questions to prepare for standardized tests

Annelise Marshall

Exploring Student- Teachers’ Perceptions towards Cultures in English Language Education

Patimoh Yuso

Pitchayanin Chorsom

Nantawadee Hayeejood

Talk with the Editors

Singhanat Nomnian

Kriengkrai Sakulprasertsri

Leslie Barratt

Evaluation of language courses through the lens of quality assurance: merits and culprits

Dung Dang

The Development of Professional Learning Community for English Teachers by Using Activities from Boot Camp.

ภัทรภร ชนะผล


Cultivating peace through critical literacy: insights from an EFL classroom

Dumrong Adunyarittigun Guest

Diversity with Harmony: The Threshold Concept for Communication

Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin Guest

Digital Literacy in the Fake News Era: Implications for English Language Teaching

Suwichit Chaidaroon Guest

Parallel Session

Effective Pronunciation Drilling for EFL Students: The Isolation of Accent Sounds.

Kane Linton

Methodology in diverse multilingual and multicultural contexts: Strategies for effective teachers

Richmond Stroupe Guest

In Another’s Shoes: Empathy Skills in EFL

Daniel Andrzejewski

Implementing STEAM in teaching English as a foreing language to young learners: What remains after the fun?

Ly Pham

A Decade of ELT Conferences across Asia: Observations of trends

Jocelyn Wright

Incorporating Technology-mediated Writing into University General English Curriculum

Saber Alavi

Integrating Student Academic Support Into Curriculum Design

Liqun Pan

yan wei

Jonathan Tillotson

Spirituality and Language Teaching: Narratives of Two Educators

Christopher Bradley

Service-Learning Materials that THAI TESOL Teachers Want

James Perren

Morphological Etymology Technique by Applying Pāli’s Root-Affixation and Grammatical Structure to Improve English Ability of Students in Buddhist University

Sitthiches Chenruay

A Text-level Comparison of seven Major English Proficiency Tests Using the British National Corpus

Satoshi Kurokawa

Unequal Englishes in Singapore

Adeline Ong

Media Circles in the EFL Classroom: A Participatory Inquiry

Adam Brazenas

Student's cultural and linguistic knowledge, and skills that bring into the classroom

suyun jang



dung nguyen

Building an “Extensive Reading Club” for EFL Students: A Case Study in a Vietnamese University

Phuong Doan

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Room: Coffee Break Area
Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Room: Convention A B C