Conference Program

DAY 1: Friday, 18 January 2019

Time/Room Convention A Convention B Convention C Garden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3 Lavender 1 Lavender 2 Lavender 3 Peony 1 Peony 3 Peony 4 Peony 5 Peony 6 Peony 7 Peony 11-12
07:30-08:30 Registration
Room: Lobby Floor
08:40-09:40 Keynote Speech:
Room: Convention A B C
Plenary Session
Plenary 1: Professor Farzad Sharifian Jazi "Cultural Linguistics and Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL)"
Room: Convention A B C
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Room: Coffee Break Area
Parallel Session

Students’ Ability to Comprehend the Connotative Meaning of Words through Context at the Second Grade Student of SMA Kartika Makassar

Yassir Mallappiang

The Approaches of Education for Sustainable Development to English Language Teaching

saisunee ulis

Voices from Palestinian English Teachers

Eric Gondree

Using Project-Based Learning (PBL) in English for Mass Media Classroom

Nutprapha Dennis

Affordances and limitations of integrating CALL into EAP classrooms

Chen Chen

Decoding on Mobile: A Digital Literacy course for Japanese English Majors

Joachim Castellano

Teacher Burnout?—Ways to Increase Teacher Motivation


Automated Feedback and Machine Learning: The Future of Language Assessment

Napat Jitpaisarnwattana


Nam Tran

A Case Study: Effects of Daily Oral Reading Activity on Japanese University Students

Hiroe Tanaka

A Study on Improving Students' Listening Skills through Video Recording

Ana dos Santos

Using the Harry Potter Series as Authentic Materials for English Culture Teaching: Potentials & Challenges

Duong Phuong

Peer assessment in the digital age: Using Google Forms for real-time feedback

Alice Lee

Feathered-Wings in Cambodian Folktale and Roald Dahl’s The Magic Finger: Narratives of the Ecocentric Soul

Sirirat pholmoo

Practical applications in planning the blended English Class

Mongkol sodachan

Modified Haiku Poetry Applications: Attitudinal Implications for Diverse Thai English Language Learners

Robert Santos


Using two-way information gap tasks in groupwork at PPU HCMC

Nguyen Anh

The Utilization of Gnomio – A Moodle-based Model in Improving Listening Skills for EFL Freshmen at HUFLIT

Tran Ngoc Ha

A comparison of writing errors of Thai university students with CEFR vocabulary and grammar profiles

Chamnan Para


Factors Affecting Students’ Reading Ability at RMUTL Tak: A Case Study of Industrial Engineering Students.

Sathirasak Rungsinanont

Cultural Awareness and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Shineth Cunanan- Gonzales

Electronic Teaching Journal: Streamline Data Collection for Reflecting Practices

Maria Lisak

A Study of the Effectivenss of TV News Making - A Task-Based Activity in ESL Classroom

Hoang Do

Teacher Quality Circle: Collaboration for Enhanced Teaching Practice

Maribel Cafe

Quizlet: Potentials & Challenges of Applying Technology to Support Vocabulary Teaching & Learning in ELT

Duong Phuong

Eng24: Thailand’s Online and Distance ELT Resource (in Thai)

Singhanat Nomnian

Transforming Grammar Instruction: Memes as a Means for Learner Engagement

Becky Lawrence

Digital Literacy

Mike Levy Guest

The Teacher's Role in Digital Literacy

Claire Siskin Guest

It's the M age! Attitudes towards usage of mobile application

Purnima iyer

The Analysis of Adopting Communication Strategy in Learning English as a Foreign Language

Ni Luh Supartini

Plenary Session
Plenary: Marsha Chan "Teaching English Pronunciation in the 21st Century: What Teachers Need to Know"
Room: Convention A B C

Student Collaborative Wikis on Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis

Thomas Kaufmann

Project-based Learning: Bringing English Lessons to the Real World

Vu Tran-Thanh

Promoting English Language and Critical Thinking Skills through the English-for-Thai Taxi Drivers Project

Janpha Thadphoothon

Digital Literacy: Assessment and Aptis

Evan Simpson

Parallel Session

VOA Learning English: An effective digital website to Foster English Major Students' Extensive Reading Ability

Thi Minh Phuong Nguyen

Paper Presentation

Thanapong patthanapon

VoiceThread: Increasing Opportunities for Speaking and Critical Thinking in English

Jenna Buendia

Discipline Based Mini Lectures for English Enhancement (MiLEE)

Marc LeBane

Interpreting Numbers: Techniques for Beginners in Consecutive Interpretation

Sasee Chanprapun

Evaluating Google Translate as a learning tool for A2 English learners at Vietnam National University.

Dao Vu Thi

Corpus-based Teaching: Applied English Word List for IELTS Preparation

Triet La

Scaffolding Procedure Genres with Teaching-Learning Cycles

Colin Rundle

Using Debate to promote Communicative Langauge use and Critical Thinking

bruce applebaum

Advancing Presentation Skills through Video Self Modeling

Michael Herke

Focus on FORUM: Ideas for Teaching and Publishing

Thomas Glass

Professional Development Frameworks for Personal Reflection of an English Teacher

myo than tun

Removing subjectivity from participation scores

Michael Collins

Thailand TESOL Members Meeting

angkana aussaranurak

“Take out Your Phones” – Using Students’ Smartphones in the Classroom

Jason Henwood

Writing Performance of First Year Industrial Technology Students

Raiza Mones

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Room: Coffee Break Area
Parallel Session

Cross-cultural Communication Pragmatics for Pre-service Nurses in Thai International Medicine

William Richeson

Exploring the Coalescence of Language and Literature Through a Stylistic Analysis of a Filipino-authored Flash Fiction

Veronico Tarrayo

Enhancing L2 Learners' Listening Comprehension Skill through Metacognitive Strategy Instruction

Roderick Robillos

A Paradigm Shift in English Language Learning Context in Thailand

Pornpimol Sukavatee Guest

Song lyric-reading on MALL: a Pilot Study on Improving Chinese College Non-English Majors’ Stress Learning

Di Wu

The role of digital literacy in optimizing learners’ experience of autonomous corpus investigation

Passapong Sripicharn

Proposing a technique for collaborative writing with Google Docs

Mabel Ortiz

Increasing Language and Leadership Development through Project Based Curriculum for Student Centered Learning

Malia Mullen

Digital Literacy and Writing in the EFL Classroom

Dan Forman

Pair Work that Works

Briana Rogers

Using Smart Phones for English Language Teaching in Rural Schools in Bangladesh

Nujhat Islam

The Use of "Past" Followed by Temporal Nouns: A Corpus-based Study

Isaiah Yoo

Digital storytelling for EFL students and teachers

Sachiko Nakamura

A washback of the O-NET English test on students in the EP and regular programs

Chamnan Para


Ngoc Luu


Team Based Learning: Using peer learning and teamwork for increased motivation and real-world results

Peter Lutes

Voices in the Sky: Formative Assessment, Teaching Pronunciation, and Web 2.0

Evan Simpson

Making The Connections: The Transfer of Learning, Digital Literacy and English Language Learning

T Healy

Developing Gen Z Students’ Reading Performance and Metacognitive Awareness through Reciprocal Teaching: From Theory to Practice



Positive Politeness Strategies in Congratulation Speech Acts in Indonesian Context

Fridolini fivien

Paragraph Writing at the Undergraduate Level: Exploring Learners’ Vocabulary Development


Insights into the use and effect of background music in the language classroom

Samuel Bruce

CALL Practice and Theory for 21st Century Thailand

James Perren

Enhancing Online Second Language Academic Reading Comprehension

Andy Bown

American English Resources

Altantsetseg Tumenkhishig

Incorporating ICTs in teaching Translation to EFL students: Opportunities and Challenges

Sofiene Tergui

Achieving Powerful Communication through TED Talks

David Persey

ESL Learners' Attitudes towards the Use of Generic Social Networking Sites for English Language Learning

Sokkeng Leung

Task Types and Negotiation of Meanings


Parallel Session

Move Structure Variation of Research Abstracts in Agricultural Science

Sompon Chanrit

The impact of ICT-blended teaching-learning in Bangladeshi Secondary and Tertiary EAP Classrooms

Faheem Shahed

Employing whole-class discussion to develop students’ questioning ability – a critical thinking sub-skill


Classro(Om): Using Yoga To Build Better Writers

Loren Lee Chiesi

Student-Produced Video Commercials: Autonomous Language Learning Via Technology

Matthew Barbee

Sparking Discussion and Debate through Internet Research

Nicholas Lambert

Project-Based Learning for Digital Literacy and 21st Century Skills in English Classrooms

Russell Hazard

Rescuing the babies from the bathwater: Keeping what matters when integrating technology into teaching.

Allen Davenport Guest

Professional and Institutional Positioning in the Digital Age

Charlie Reis

Mapping CU-TEP to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)


Democratic Equality Through Service Learning

Tracy Koslowski

Creative Ways for Using Dialogs in Your Course Book

Christopher Allen

Teaching Presentation Skills: Process Approach in Action

Steven Gershon

L2 Intonation of Thai Learners of English: Information Structure & Accentuation

Nisit Kamphikul

Online Collaboration For Reflective Journaling

Anna Loseva

“Curriculum 21” (“Lehrplan 21”): Toward Sustainable Competence-oriented Teaching and Learning at Swiss Government Schools (K-12)

Alexander KLEMM